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How does SecurityInside work?

The innovative training platform, thanks to visually attractive and accessible infographic films, allows systematically expanding employees’ awareness related to IT security.

Training program

Issues discussed during given class:

1. Passwords
  • the meaning of a strong password
  • how to effortlessly create and remember complicated passwords?
2. Phishing
  • phishing attacks – how do cybercriminals work?
  • how to protect yourself against such attacks?
3. Security of mobile devices
  • malicious applications – how to recognize them?
  • confidential company data on mobile devices – how to protect it?
4. False attachments
  • how to recognize an infected attachment?
  • how to proceed in case of unintentional opening of an unprotected file?
5. Information leakage
  • most popular sources of confidential information leakage
  • potential effects of disclosing (a seemingly) insignificant data
6. Wireless networks
  • safe configuration of wireless network
  • good practise of using the network

Why choose SecurityInside?


We enable limiting the costs in comparison to traditional training


We educate your employees effectively and successfully


We allow monitoring of the employees' progress


The regularity of classes enables constantly protecting the employees


Simple, animated films allow understanding the dangers better

Who we are?

We believe that the cyber world can be a safe place and that is why for over 10 years we actively take part in projects connected with security. During branch conferences (among others Secure, Confidence, OWASP, Internet Banking Security, SecureCon) we warn against digital dangers. For many years, through blog, we have educated how to safely use the Interent. We have a practical experience supported by security tests of financial, telecommunication and governmental institutions


We effectively help to protect companies against financial loss


Over 10 years experience in IT security business

Hundreds of tests

We carried out hundreds of safety tests

Be aware

Our blog warns users about the danger they are in

What our clients say

The most helpful was the lesson regarding password creation. You can easily remember even a seemingly difficult password! :)
Banking sector
This training has allowed us to pay more attention to seemingly simple and obvious but unfortunately - quite often neglected things. It strengthened our vigilance in the network
Construction industry
I am very satisfied. In a short period of time I have acquired or supplemented the knowledge that will help me use the network at work, but also at home, in a much safer way
Finance industry
Valuable knowledge delivered in an accessible manner
Transparent content, easy to remember
Healthcare industry
This training discusses many issues that employees are not aware of. It increases the organization's resistance to cyberattacks
Automotive industry


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1 200 PLN
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